Traditional Catalan Burgeois Cuisine inspired by modernist movement

The place where Casa Fuster is located Nowadays, was previously occupied by an industry. In 1881 Olegario Juncosa built a factory dedicated to the production of chocolate, under the name of Chocolates Juncosa.

In 1905, Consol Fabra i Puig bought the property. Married to Marià Fuster, who in 1908 commissioned Domènech i Montaner to build a noble and luxurious building, in addition to embellishing the city, giving his wife a gift. The works finished in 1911, Consol died in 1912.

Marià Fuster lived for several years in the building. Except with the main floor, the others were rented. On the first floor and the basement, the store and factory, respectively, of Francesc Vidal Furniture were established. Some of the furniture are currently at the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona.

Domènech i Montaner’s original flat, where originally was located the family’s dining room, and is now the current Panot Restaurant.

At the beginning of 1922 the Family Fuster-Fabra sold all the property to the Ynvern family. They were, tenants at the fourth floor. On the main floor, the furniture and furniture store Francesc Vidal was no longer opened, and the space was divided into 7 different shops, among them: A drugstore branch Dalmau Oliveras, where it is believed to be there Work on the renowned painter Joan Miró, the Valencian Orthodontist, the Glöbel brewery, the Campanelli pellets and a frequent hairdressing salon for men.

In the summer of 1933, the well-known Viennese Coffee was inaugurated on the main floor. The tenant was a German man. He also stayed in the basement, where he opened a dance hall: El Danubi Blau. With the Civil War, the regime remained the property and became the Casa del Socorro. They maintained both businesses with the difference that the orchestra was military and the dance hall was called El Danúbio Azul.

It was at the end of the 30’s that the well-known poet and playwright Salvador Espriu rented one of the apartments on the fourth floor of the building. He lived for 30 years. In 1960 the electrical company Enher bought the property. Salvador Espriu is the last tenant to leave the building.

Initially the electric company wanted to demolish the building. Even so, the village’s demonstrations and the opposition of the city council eventually kept the building.

It is in 1999 that Enher leaves the building. Finally, in 2000 the current owner acquires the building which is a family from Granada.
In 2004, it opened its doors as a Hotel and opened for the city.
Finally, on May 14, 2019, Chef and presenter Marc Ribas, opens its restaurant on the first floor of the building. With a concept based on the other traditional Catalan bourgeois cuisine and inspired by the modernist era.